Hog Roast Barrow

While the little village of Barrow in the Ribble Valley can hardly be called a centre of gastronomy, if you’re looking for a catering company for a special party, Hog Roast Barrow have the perfect answer. Not only can we cook up a perfect spit-roasted hog, but we also offer a whole range of celebration menus that are ideal for all kinds of parties. Whether you’re planning something big or small, our chefs can create a suitable feast. From our signature hog roast in a roll to something a bit more formal, we’ve got the experience and the expertise to cater for every occasion.

Hog Roast BarrowAlthough we’re sure that living in the Ribble Valley offers perfect peace and quiet, most of us like to let our hair down every now and then and have a good party. And there’s no better way to get people in the party mood than by serving up delicious food. As one of the top catering companies in the area, Hog Roast Barrow have years of experience in providing succulent and tasty hog roasts, other spit-roasted meats and poultry, accompanied by the freshest breads, salads and tasty desserts. And, of course, all our fresh produce comes from some of the local businesses and farms dotted around the valley.

So, if you’ve got a special event coming up that needs a top class catering company, we’re here to help. We’ve got a wide selection of menus available to suit all budgets and all tastes, but if you don’t see what you need give us a call and let’s discuss your requirements. After all, a party isn’t a party without food, and our food will make sure that your party will turn out to be a party to remember.